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777 Morrissey Blvd

Dorchester Ma



Mon-Sat Noon-9 PM

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He brought the finest ice cream to Cambridge some 20 years ago, opening the original Christina's in Inman Square. People in and around Boston know their ice cream -- and they lined up nightly to experience his creations. Steve's Boston Ice Cream Factory store continue and expand his tradition of providing the most delicious gourmet ice cream in a friendly setting. They serve Dorchester/Boston He knows fine ice cream and he knows why people love his creations. He makes the best

Everything from creamy Super-Chocolate Chocolate to amazing adult-taste flavors like Mudslide and Barbados Breeze and Rum Raisin. Boston Ice Cream Factory stores make the quality ice cream you deserve, whether it's a cone for one small girl or boy or special-flavors ice cream cakes for a 50-guest party.

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